Rent Receipt Templates

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Rent Receipt templates are very commonly used documents that prove that a tenant has made a rent payment and the landlord has received it. This document, although is legal and can be used in a lawsuit, still it is so simple that anyone can prepare it. Generally speaking, a piece of paper that says 1st … Read more

Free Food Diary Templates

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We all want to stay healthy and fit and live a long life. Some of us have ideal body weight, while some are overweight or even obese. It’s not like obese people like being fat all the time, but most of the time, they don’t have any motivation to exercise or eat more healthy food. … Read more

Free Checkbook Register Templates

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It is very important for individuals and especially for organizations and corporations to have updated and latest details of their bank accounts. Not only this is important for taxation and revenue filing purposes, but it’s essential to have the exact amount of cash in front of you before you issue a check. It bounces because … Read more

Free Daily Planner Templates

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We offer Free Daily Planner Templates in MS Word format to enable you to plan and manage your Day to day-to-day work efficiently. You can also check out our collection of Attendance Sheet Templates to keep track of your attendance as well. Someone once said that organizing is the key to success, and it’s true … Read more