Balance Sheet Templates

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Download these 10 Free Balance Sheet Templates in MS Excel format to help you prepare your Balance Sheet. Being an owner of a small organization or company, you always know what you owe, what you own, and what your current equity is but it’s not possible to know the exact equity figure at any given … Read more

Lesson Plan Templates for COVID-19 Situations

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Here are 9 Free Lesson Plan Templates for COVID-19 Situations prepared using MS Word to assist our website visitors in their day-to-day lesson planning requirements. Back in October 2019 or even around the New Year celebration, no one thought that there would soon be a time coming when everyone would be forced to stay isolated … Read more

Volunteer Sign Up Sheet Templates

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Here are 10+ Free Volunteer Sign Up Sheet Templates prepared using MS Excel to help our website visitors in preparing and printing their own Volunteer Sign Up Sheets easily. You can also explore our collection of free Attendance Sheet Templates. There are all sorts of people in this world. Most of people are used to … Read more

Project Grant Proposal Templates

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Here you can download these 8 Free Project Grant Proposal Templates prepared by our Staff using MS Word to help you in preparing your own Project Proposal quickly. You can also check out our collection of Free Sponsorship Proposal Templates Being an individual with good experience or an expert in your field means when you … Read more

Sponsorship Proposal Templates

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Here are 7 Free Sponsorship Proposal Templates that we have prepared in MS Word Format to help you prepare your very own Sponsorship Proposal quickly and effectively. There are two types of people in this world; one with unique ideas to change the world and one with the money to sponsor those ideas. You rarely … Read more

Letterhead Templates

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Allow me to share with you these 10 Free Letterhead Templates created using MS Word to help you design your very own Letterhead Design. Considering the level of competition in the business world today, a no purpose-driven organization should take the need to stand out for granted. Standing out from among, literately, hundreds of thousands … Read more

Foot Reflexology Charts

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The human body is a set of many organs that work harmoniously with each other. The more you dig in, the more complex it gets. It’s amazing to see how each part of the body works so well with other parts and organs and medical sciences say that each organ is somehow connected. Even if … Read more