Screenplay Templates

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Download these Free Screenplay Templates mostly in MS Word format to help you in writing your very own Screenplay quickly and effectively. When it comes to movies, television shows, or even video games, lots of things happen and usually the story starts from another point and moves towards a different end. This and many other … Read more

Free Sympathy Letters

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Download these Free Sympathy Letters to study before writing your Sympathy Letter. No matter how reluctant you are about it, there are times you will come to share people‚Äôs pain with them. It may not be an easy thing to do but people who have gone through painful experiences will be better off with a … Read more

Depreciation Schedule Templates

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In a way, you can say that depreciation is demonetizing something you buy for your business or company. Being a company owner, you understand that you need to pay taxes and that there are regular purchases in the workplace. For instance, if you manufacture, you need to buy raw materials and along with that, you … Read more

Sample Sponsorship Letters

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Download these Free Sample Sponsorship Letters (MS Word) to assist you in writing your Sponsorship Letter easily and comprehensively. Writing a Sponsorship Letter can become so complex and put you through many obstacles if you fail to follow the needed steps carefully and sequentially. With the reason that you need a favor from the recipients, … Read more

Raffle & Movie Ticket Templates

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Download these Free Raffle & Movie Ticket Templates to help you design and print your Raffle Ticket easily. Raffle and Movie Tickets serve about the same purpose when it comes to their uses. They are both designed to ensure only the people who have paid or registered are admitted into an event for which the … Read more

Ten Frame Templates

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A ten-frame design is a specific design technique that allows the students to not only learn about math but it helps them understand the actual meaning of a number or how a math equation i.e. addition or subtraction works. As a teacher or parent, you can easily help your kids learn about basic math problems … Read more

Printable Door Hanger Templates

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Download these Free Printable Door Hanger Templates using MS Word format to assist you in preparing your own Door Hanger easily. Every day people go through dozens of promotional letters and junk mail from various companies and organizations and most of them are used to just getting the junk mail out of the mailbox and … Read more

Name Tag Templates

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Download these Free Name Tag Templates hand-picked to help you prepare and print your Name Tags quickly and effectively. Next time when you are in your office building and someone asks if you work here or if you are a guest, you should discuss having name tags in the next office meeting. This is one … Read more

Sample Affidavit Forms

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Download these Free Sample Affidavit Form Templates in MS Word format to assist you in creating your Affidavit Form. It is not unlikely that you have had occasions that necessitated the use of Affidavit Forms even when you do not know it. There are many reasons why you may need to fill out an Affidavit … Read more

Concept Map Templates

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Download these Free Concept Map Templates using MS Word Format. During studies, students find various types of questions problems, and concepts that they need to understand for tests papers, and presentations. Some of these questions and problems are very basic and can be explained easily and students can get the core idea very quickly. However … Read more