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The customer service Call Log is the record showing the list of calls from clients to the company. The Call Log form should be filled by the customer service representatives after they receive a complaint or when the customers contact them. The Call Log should be kept open until the customer’s complaints are resolved and the customer service representative is required to review the Call Log periodically to evaluate the recurring problems and similar complaints from the same customers. This form is prepared so that if the problem is detected, the relationship manager and the quality assurance manger can handle the situation. This article will focus on the importance of Call Log.

The Call Log will help analyzing and knowing how customers see your business. Keeping record of your business, Call Logs will help you be able to tell if the customers are satisfied with your products and service that you are providing to them. This way you will be in a position to detect issues affecting your customers and correct them accordingly.

Importance of Call Log

Keeping track of your company’s Call Log is also important in case you need to track employee’s conversations and prevent any fraud threats before they happen. Through the Call Log you can know who your employee is talking to and what the conversation is about. It may sound like breach of the employee’s privacy but it is very important for you to track their conversations as long as they use the company’s telephone lines it might be a major threat to the welfare of the company.

Through looking at your company’s Call Log you are able to know the usage of the free telephone line and so you know if there is any need for you to add more minutes to the toll free line so that you can accommodate all the customer calls. This will help you to continue serving and handling the customer’s needs without fail. It also helps your clients to be able to get help from you anytime they are in need of your services.

Customer Service Call Log Templates

Looking at the customer service Call Log, you will be able to know if the important customer calls are routed well by your customer service representative. This way there will be no important calls that go unanswered and you are able to keep your clients happy and improve your company’s performance. It is equally important to keep tract of the calls to make sure that the service representative handles the customer call with respect and courtesy so the clients feel satisfied with the help.

Using Call Log Templates

With an effective Call Log, you can assess your employee’s performance by looking at the missed calls. If an employee misses customer call within the working hours then you might want to review their work habits. Missing a lot of customer calls can pose as a major threat to your business; whenever the customers feel like they are not valued it becomes very hard for them to continue wanting to use your services. This will reduce the company’s profit margin or even result to bankruptcy.

Free Call Log Templates

Here are previews and download links for these Call Log Templates to assist you in preparing your own call log.

Call Log Template 01
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Call Log Template 02
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Call Log Template 03
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Call Log Template 04
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Call Log Template 05
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Call Log Template 06
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Call Log Template 07
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Call Log Template 08
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Call Log Template 09
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Call Log Template 10
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Call Log Template 11
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Call Log Template 12
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Call Log Template 13
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Call Log Template 14
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Call Log Template 15
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Call Log Template 16
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Call Log Template 17
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Call Log Template 18
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Call Log Template 19
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Call Log Template 20
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Call Log Template 21
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Call Log Template 22
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Call Log Template 23
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Call Log Template 24
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Call Log Template 25
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Call Log Template 26
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Call Log Template 27
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Call Log Template 28
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Call Log Template 29
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Call Log Template 30
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Benefits of Call Logging

People usually refer Call Logging to as Call recording but they are completely different things. Call logging refers to as keeping all data related to calls and telecommunication for analysis and administrative decisions. If you practice an effective Call Logging, you can get following benefits as a direct reward.

Effective Cost Management:

You can manage your cost effectively as you have all the details as how your staff has using this facility. Anyone can simply compare it with the productive outcomes against each department or individual as per your situation. This will also rolled out any chances of misuse of such facility as your employees well aware of the fact that it will be monitored. An estimate of 20% to 30% reduction in Call Expenses is there if you start monitoring your call logs.

Capacity Management:

By careful analysis, you can easily identify if your staff is using this form of marking effectively. Are they using it appropriately and its being over used. Moreover, you can see how many extensions do you need to actually scale your business as per your goals & objectives. It helps as call patterns can easily direct you the ways to save your cost or increase productivity by increasing or decreasing capacity.

Performance Management:

It can also help you in performance management as you can easily compare performance of two or more phone extensions by means of their outcomes. You can review individual performances of your call agents by answering following simple questions.

  • How much time an Agent took to answer an call?
  • On average, how long did each call last?
  • How many times a customer is put on hold by an agent?
  • How long was the hold time on an average?
  • Total calls received vs. Call Answered and/or Abandoned.

By reviewing answers of above simple questions you can easily manage performance of your department.

Increase Productivity:

With the help you past call log data, you can prepare a detailed checklist of commonly asked questions and their answers. These information can help other employees or new Sales Agents to improve productivity with the passage of time. You can also manage working hours effectively by identify the peak time usually you receive calls. In slow moving time, you can reduce your staff to save on your cost and can add more agents on peak times to increase productivity.

Staff Training Requirements:

By analyzing your past call log, you can identify areas where your staff requires training. You can arrange training to improve their performance and hence increase their productivity. Offering correct and to the point training can also save a lot of your company resources by means of cost as well as time to train.

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