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Here you can download these 8 Free Project Grant Proposal Templates prepared by our Staff using MS Word to help you in preparing your own Project Proposal quickly. You can also check out our collection of Free Sponsorship Proposal Templates

Being an individual with good experience or an expert in your field means when you see certain problems or issues, you instantly understand that the situation is not ideal and the problem does exist. Being a professional, you might know the solution and the process to create the solution for that problem as well but you might not have the money or resources to execute the project. This is the problem that organizations and governments around the world understand very clearly and that’s why they ask individuals with unique ideas and problem-solving methods to contact them and get grant money for such projects. This formal request of donating money for a project is done with a grant proposal document.

Guidelines to Prepare an effective Grant Proposal for Govt. Project:

Choose the right Type of Proposal Design:

If you are trying to create a grant proposal for a government project, you probably already know that there are many types of proposal formats that you can use. Although the information you add in any format of the proposal remains the same the actual difference is how you represent the information. Among the list of proposal formats, there is; supplemental proposal, renewal proposal, unsolicited proposal, continuation proposal, informally and formally solicited proposal format. Before selecting any particular format, you should go through the features of each of these formats and then decide which option suits your needs and requirements.

Take a look at some Samples First:

Once you select a particular format of the grant proposal format that you want to use, you can start writing the proposal or you can wait for a while and look at some samples. This is not necessary especially if you have done it before but if you are a newbie, it’s better to see some samples and examples and try to find which features are common in the proposals that were approved and which problems the rejected proposals had. This is an important step to understanding what should be added and shouldn’t be added in the grant proposal especially for a government project where multiple departments are involved.

Gather Required Information:

By the time you select a specific proposal format and you have to see some examples and now you understand what should be added, it’s time to create a list of the important elements and specific details that will go on the proposal. Some of the key elements to be defined at this stage include; your audience, the problem that you will discuss in the proposal, what is the state of the problem at this moment, explaining the proposal or solution of the problem, how the solution will affect the problem, the time you need to for the project, the budget you have in your mind, required resources i.e. manpower and equipment, etc. While writing something so important i.e. a project grant proposal document, you should never rely on your memory but always create a checklist and then use it to ensure everything is added to the document.

Write down the Proposal in Approved Manner:

At this stage, you have almost completed all important tasks and steps and the only thing left is to write the actual proposal. Before doing so, you should first create an arrangement of all the information that you will add to the proposal. This starts with the first part being the introduction to the grant proposal document. This should be a quick and brief part where the author explains the entire document in 2-3 sentences. Then there is the portion of explaining the problem that you are trying to solve. It’s possible that the review committee knows about the problem or it might be something new for them. You need to first evaluate if the general public knows it’s a problem or only you see it as a problem. The part after that includes a brief introduction and detailed explanation of the solution that you have in your mind. This part should also define how you will create the solution and how it’s going to solve the problem. The next important elements to mention in this part include; resources, budget, and equipment that you need for the project and the time it will take your team to complete the task.

Get it Checked by a Professional:

When you have completed all of the above steps, it’s almost certain that your proposal will be accepted but there is no problem in getting it double-checked before submission. You can ask a professional i.e. someone who has written and got the approval of such a proposal in the past to review your proposal as well. If there is any problem or if something is missing in the document, that person can guide you properly about the issues.

Free Project Grant Proposal Templates:

Here are previews and download links for these 8 Free Project Grant Proposal Templates exclusively prepared for our website visitors.

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