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Services Invoice is a business document which is prepared when one sell goods to another. So, the statement is prepared by the seller of the goods. It contains information related to the name and address of the seller and the buyer, the date of sale, the clear description of the goods with quantity and price. However, invoice is different from receipt and voucher. Voucher is basically a written document in support of a transaction and it is a proof that a particular transaction has taken place. So, it may be in the form of cash receipt, invoice or cash memo, a bank paying slip and voucher is absolutely essential for carrying out the audit functions.

Types of Invoices:

There are 8 types of invoices prescribed to be generated for different type of transactions:

Tax Invoice: Such invoices are issued when the supplies are made between one registered person to another registered person as well as when supplies are from one registered person with an unregistered person. Tax invoices are also issued in case of reverse charge in which the recipient is liable to pay tax. It is also required to be issued at the time of interstate stock transfers.

Bill of Supply: This invoice is required to be issued for the exempt supplies or it is required to be issued by the composite dealer.

Receipt Voucher: It is issued at the time of receipt of advance payment in relation to the supply of goods and services.

Refund Voucher: This voucher is issued when advance is received for the services and the goods.

Payment Voucher: A recipient is liable to pay tax on reverse charge is required to issue a payment voucher at the time of making payment to the supplier.

Debit and Credit Note: Debit note is issued when a tax invoice has been issued in relation to a good or service and the tax charged in that invoice is less than the taxable value of the supply and credit note is supplied when a tax invoice has been issued for a good or service and the tax invoice exceeds the tax payable value of the supply, or when the goods supplied are returned by the recipient, or may be when goods and services or both are found to be deficient.

ISD Invoice: This is ‘input service distributor’ invoice. It is issued to distribute the credit among entities having the same PAN.

Delivery Challan: Such invoices are issued at the time of delivering goods without any issue of tax invoice.

Invoice Format:

Format of Tax Invoice: Tax invoices should have following particulars:

  1. Invoice must have the name and address of the supplier, bill number, bill date, unique ID number etc.
  2. It should contain weather the tax is payable on reverse charge basis yes/ no.
  3. It should also contain the name and address and unique ID number of the recipient, if registered.
  4. The address of the recipient is mandatory if the invoice is more than 50,000 when the supplies are made to an unregistered dealer.
  5. It should also have the name and address of delivery along with the name of state and its code if the place of supply is different from the place of billing.
  6. Invoice should have description of goods and services supplied. Code of the goods and services, quantity, unit, rate per item in case of goods, total value of supplied goods and services, discount value if any, taxable value or tax charged in respect of taxable goods and services.
  7. The invoice should contain the signature or the digital signature of the supplier or his authorized signature.
  8. The supplier may at his option may mention the details of the transportation of the goods like the name of the transporter, the vehicle number and the mode of dispatch as by air, sea or land.

Format of Export Invoice: Export invoices have all the particulars similar to tax invoices except it must contain endorsement at the top of the invoice. So, if the supplier has executed a bond and is making export of goods and services without the payment of tax then the supplier will write an endorsement as ‘supply meant for export under bond without the payment of IGST and it should not charge any tax on the invoice’.

Format of Bill of Supply: It should have an additional column of the tax. It should contain only the taxable value and column for tax rate or amount since it is issued for making exempt supplies on which no tax is applicable.

Format of Receipt Voucher: Also have same particulars to be mentioned such as name, address, ID number etc. In addition, here the user has to mention the amount in advance received by the customer and the rate of tax.

Format of Refund Voucher: In this invoice the supplier needs to mention the receipt voucher number and the receipt voucher date for which he is refunding the amount. Rest all other things remains the same.

Format of Payment Voucher: It can be prepared in the same manner as the refund voucher in which all the particulars remain the same.

Format of Debit and Credit Note: In this the user has to mention the details of the original invoice number and the original invoice date against which the debit and the credit note has been issued. All other things are same as that of tax invoice.

Format of Delivery Challan: The format of the delivery challan is exactly the same as that of a tax invoice. It is issued for making any intrastate stock transfers and is required when any goods is sent for approval purpose. So, the dealer need to mention the details of the consigner as well as the consignee.

  • 16 Blank Services Invoice Templates

A service invoice is essentially required for the services that are provided to the customer when you run a business. Invoice help your company grow professionally. It helps you to keep a record of your services being provided and products being sold. You can take a print out of it or send it via email at any time. The templates given below would help you in creating an invoice for your business easily and quickly. You can make changes in it as and when needed.




























  • 5 Commercial Invoice Templates

A business person send an invoice to the customer for the products or services being provided. Doing it in a good way is the professional requirement. A good template can be created by using the templates given below. They will help you to get a fine start.










  • 5 Freelance Invoice Templates

Being a freelancer, one need to brand him/ her own self. For that purpose a typical sort of invoice is needed that can portray your identity. It will help you grow as a professional freelancer. The templates given below can be edited as per the requirement of the user.











  • 5 Construction Invoice Templates

If you are running a construction business where you have to spend a lot of time in constructing things, a construction template can save a lot of your time that you have to otherwise spend on your paperwork.  It will help you to get your work done quickly and easily. It will bring ease and work satisfaction. You can seek help from the templates given below:











  •  5 PRO FORMA Invoice Template

For the ease of the customers so that they can take a review of the charges, a pro forma invoice is usually provided. It include the details of goods and services. The customer is able to compare the actual pro forma with the actual invoice to see any differences. It is normally used by the plumber, mechanic, graphic designer etc. It represents the commitment of the customer to the order after which the seller start working on the order. Given below are the relevant templates:










  • 5 Catering Invoice Templates

In a catering business, food is being cooked and served and written work is done accordingly to keep a record. A catering invoice template would help in making things simple and smooth, as well as in cutting down the time to be consumed on paper work. Here are  a few sample templates:









40downloadbtnOther Relevant Provisions:

  • The time limit for the issuance of invoice in case of supply of service is 30 days and in case of banking company the time limit is 45 days.
  • The invoice rules also provide for issue of tax invoice with minimum details in special cases such as a banking company, a financial institution, goods transportation agency or passenger transportation services. In case of passenger transportation services, the invoice is the ticket and in case of goods transportation services, bilty is the ticket.