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Download these 60+ Free Gift Certificate Templates to review and then design your own Gift Certificate for this holiday season.

A Gift Certificate, also known as gift voucher or gift token. Gift certificates were introduced first in 1994, in an American state, Florida. Since then, they are given as a gift to the recipient so that he/ she may use it to buy goods or take advantages of the services for which the gift is issued. In other words it is a card or voucher that has money stored in it and can be use as an alternative of money to buy goods or to get services. It is one of the best way to give someone a gift, especially in case you do not know that what exactly the recipient likes. It helps them to chose the best one for themselves. It not only makes the recipient happy but also saves your time and energy in thinking and finding out a perfect gift.

Using Gift Certificate Templates

There are three possible ways to assemble a good gift certificate all by yourself:

  1. There are several websites where you can find blank gift certificates. All you need to do is to get a print out and fill it in yourself, in your own handwriting.
  2. You can also get many gift certificate that are in word document form. You can either use them as it is by filling them on the computer or may alter it according to your own requirement. For example: you can change the amount of money mentioned in it or the name of good that you want the recipient to buy.
  3. There are a few websites that offer you to make an altogether different and new gift certificate of your choice. In such case you can add or delete an image, you can add additional information as you like, you can choice the theme, colors, fonts etc. In short, you are given the most flexibility to assemble your gift certificate.

Key Elements of Gift Certificate:

Given below are the 5 key elements of  a gift certificate to get it perfectly done:

  1. Indicate what certificate is goof for. For example: Dinner at a nice restaurant followed by a show. The important thing is to be specific.
  2. Add important parameters. For example: With babysitting indicate that the service will take place in your home or the home where the kids live. Also mention what nights you will perform; the service; any night of week or just the weekends.
  3. Add how much notice the recipient needs to give you. For example: Please provide two week notices before the desired date.
  4. Include an expiration date so that the gift recipient is motivated to act.
  5. Indicate how the recipient should redeem the gift. Should they call you, Email you, text you or something else.

Gift certificates can be commercially made by bankers and businessmen. They usually add their logos, business information and photos on the certificate to attract customers. These certificates can be purchased online, from a particular store, mall, bank branch etc. They can also be purchased online. In such case, when the purchase is done, a code is sent to the email address of recipient which he/ she can use at the checkout place to redeem the gift.

Free Gift Certificate Templates

Given below are generic gift certificate templates that can be used for a variety of purposes such as for giving away Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, graduation gifts and gifts for other special occasions.

Gift Certificate Template 01
Size: 48 KB
Gift Certificate Template 02
Size: 33 KB
Gift Certificate Template 03
Size: 14 KB
Gift Certificate Template 04
Size: 172 KB
Gift Certificate Template 05
Size: 154 KB
Gift Certificate Template 06
Size: 21 KB
Gift Certificate Template 07
Size: 325 KB
Gift Certificate Template 08
Size: 28 KB
Gift Certificate Template 09
Size: 19 KB
Gift Certificate Template 10
Size: 185 KB
Gift Certificate Template 11
Size: 198 KB
Gift Certificate Template 12
Size: 219 KB
Gift Certificate Template 13
Size: 150 KB
Gift Certificate Template 14
Size: 261 KB
Gift Certificate Template 15
Size: 322 KB
Gift Certificate Template 16
Size: 459 KB
Gift Certificate Template 17
Size: 288 KB
Gift Certificate Template 18
Size: 349 KB
Gift Certificate Template 19
Size: 308 KB
Gift Certificate Template 20
Size: 274 KB
Gift Certificate Template 21
Size: 33 KB


When it comes to shopping, people love to go an extra mile if they can get special discounts or deals on what they love to buy. Hence it is very common that established brands and stores offer gift certificates or discount vouchers to help boost their sales. Usually it is observed that a routine seasonal sale can be doubled with an attractive and intelligently designed gift certificate.

However, a question comes into mind as if how one can design such gift certificate design by himself? Maybe you wouldn’t be interested to hire someone to do this simple job for you Or you might be running a small store and can’t afford hiring someone to prepare a professional design.

To help you in this very topic, these shared Free Gift Certificate Templates available online to start creating your own gift certificate quickly and effectively.

Gift Certificate Template 42
Size: 282 KB
Gift Certificate Template 41
Size: 414 KB
Gift Certificate Template 40
Size: 414 KB
Gift Certificate Template 39
Size: 414 KB
Gift Certificate Template 38
Size: 108 KB
Gift Certificate Template 37
Size: 84 KB
Gift Certificate Template 36
Size: 75 KB
Gift Certificate Template 35
Size: 153 KB
Gift Certificate Template 34
Size: 285 KB
Gift Certificate Template 33
Size: 488 KB
Gift Certificate Template 32
Size: 18 KB
Gift Certificate Template 31
Size: 27 KB
Gift Certificate Template 30
Size: 135 KB
Gift Certificate Template 29
Size: 20 KB
Gift Certificate Template 28
Size: 428 KB
Gift Certificate Template 27
Size: 79 KB
Gift Certificate Template 26
Size: 204 KB
Gift Certificate Template 25
Size: 2 MB
Gift Certificate Template 24
Size: 11 KB
Gift Certificate Template 23
Size: 12 KB
Gift Certificate Template 22
Size: 3 MB

Gift Certificate Design Guidelines

A Gift Certificate is paper type document that, allow recipient to purchase goods from a specific store. A Gift Certificate can be presented to a person instead of cash and beneficiary can purchase goods according to his prerequisites and apprehension. These types of Certificates are very useful where, you think that cash as a gift is obstinate. These certificates or vouchers are useful in many circumstances like Birthday, anniversary, and Promotion of a person. A Gift Certificate or voucher cannot be expired within five years from its date of issuance. But sometimes expiry date is mentioned on it hence, it will expire after that prescribed date. Nonetheless, you can say it is a voucher and receiver can buy goods and services from that straightforwardly.

Blockbuster Entertainment present for the first time this method. Later on, Gift cards are replaced with the Gift Certificates. Some Gift Cards are such type in which you reload payment and can use many times for purchase. In such type of Gift Cards there is a barcodes or hypnotic strip and user can even block the card if card is stolen and in case of lost. It sometimes contained a code that is very useful you can even get information where you shop and the remaining balance also. On the other hand, some gift certificates or vouchers are not re-loadable, when you use it and the payment is expired than you can’t purchase and even reload it more. Many countries like USA and UK are using this technique in very useful way. Commonly minimum value is 10$ and maximum value is 500$ in a Gift certificate.

Usually, gift certificates can be used online and by person as well. As per your knowledge Gift certificate is ebullient to cash henceforth, if you lost the Gift Certificate you lost the money. Deception can occur if the Gift Certificate is not online registered. Otherwise you can revoke or freeze the transaction. You can even transfer to your amount if Gift Certificate is online registered.

The name of purchaser is very important because, it recognize who allow you to purchase. Amount is very important because, you can estimate that how much you can shop from certain store. The remaining balance should be mentioned on it while purchasing. Another important factor is that, date should be mentioned so that you can recognize the expiry date because, some Gift Certificates can be expired or outdated. Gift Certificate can be sent online to the receiver. If receiver is incapable to find gift certificate in their inbox so, you can request again to purchaser and he/she can resend you. Sometimes, message flagged so that such types of certificates can be resend to the original recipient again. A Gift Certificate can be used to purchase commodities but, it cannot be purchased to get another Gift Certificate. You can buy just commodities from this certificate rather than, cash or another type of certificate. Shopping card, credit card or discount cards are instances of Gift Certificates.

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