Cornell Notes Templates

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Here are 10 Free Cornell Notes Templates to help you prepare and print your own Cornell Notes easily. These notes are very useful for your day-to-day task management. Systematically taking notes always helps you to recall and review your meeting objectives or actions effectively. Cornell Notes-taking system helps you to fulfill this task with comprehension. … Read more

Call Log Templates

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Download these 10 Free Call Log Templates to help you create your Phone Call Log easily and quickly. The customer service Call Log is the record showing the list of calls from clients to the company. The Call Log form should be filled out by the customer service representatives after they receive a complaint or … Read more

Construction Proposal Templates

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Being a construction company offering construction services, you need to craft the best construction proposal so that you can professionally pitch your services. An ideal Construction Proposal Format and key Elements consist of the portfolio, project summary, schedule and time frame of the project, project cost, and a signature line for faster sign-off. Further, an … Read more

Vehicle Maintenance Log Templates

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Download these 10 Free Vehicle Maintenance Log Templates to assist you in preparing your Vehicle Log easily and effectively. A vehicle Log is a document that shows the record of vehicle usage daily. Vehicle Log is most important in corporate companies and organizations. At these places, employees are responsible for handling the vehicle during working … Read more

New Apartment Checklist Samples

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Download these 10 Free New Apartment Checklist Samples in MS Word format to assist you in moving into your New Apartment. Have you rented or purchased a new apartment recently and it’s time to move to the new place? This can be difficult or overwhelming, especially if you are going to move to a new … Read more

Pay Stub Templates

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Download these 10 Free Pay Stub Templates in MS Excel Format to assist you in the process of creating your own Pay Stub easily. As an employer, it’s important for you to understand the basics of pay stubs. Because it’s possible to miss a portion easily, but first, you should get an idea of what … Read more

Deposit Slip Templates

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Download these 10 Free Deposit Slip Templates to help you prepare and design your slips easily. You can use these slip templates for the bank as well as private security deposit slips. A security deposit slip is a document that has all the details of the money or the important items that the tenant gives … Read more

Services Invoice Templates

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Download these 10 different Services Invoice Templates for Free and with no limitations. Anyone can use these invoice templates to design and print his/her Professional Invoice quickly. A services Invoice is a business document that is prepared when one sells goods to another. So, the statement is prepared by the seller of the goods. It … Read more

Project Timeline Templates

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Download these 10 Free Project Timeline Templates in the MS Word Format to assist you in tracking your Project progress effectively. During the completion of a project, the timeline plays a primary role. Not only by following a timeline but the team members and supervisors can also ensure that everything is going as planned. If … Read more

Rent Receipt Templates

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Rent Receipt templates are very commonly used documents that prove that a tenant has made a rent payment and the landlord has received it. This document, although is legal and can be used in a lawsuit, still it is so simple that anyone can prepare it. Generally speaking, a piece of paper that says 1st … Read more