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Download these 18 Free Deposit Slip Templates to help you prepare and design your own slips easily. You can use these slip templates for bank as well as private security deposit slips.

A security deposit slip is a document that has all the details of the money or the important items that the tenant give to the landlord. It is important at the end of the agreement period, that is, when the tenant is returning the property to the landlord. Then the landlord must be very careful about returning the security deposits mentioned in the security deposit slip. Given below is the guideline for this.

Security Deposit Slip Checklist While Returning Deposits:

  1. First of all, compare you have to compare the move in report to move out inspection.
  2. List any of the items on the move in report that are not present in the move in condition report.
  3. From this list, determine what will be the charges you will pay to the tenants.
  4. Most states in USA have predefined wear and tear charges that you cannot charge to the tenants.

After determining these charges, you can add them to the tenant charge list or ledger. Having prices that you already have set for tenant will allow you to return the deposits much quicker. You don’t have to wait for the work to finish and to receive the invoices. So, you take those prices and you know they are good comfortable prices that you are providing to the tenant. Therefore, after you go through the inspection of these prices on the tenant ledger. You just must process the deposit.

The thing that you must keep in mind that you have to return the deposits through the security deposit slip in a timely manner. In some cases, the vendors or suppliers or the landlords take long time to pay you.

Once the tenant ledger has all the deposits, you now have a balance that include all the past rents and fees of the tenant. After these charges, if there is still some security deposit amount remaining. Then this will be refunded to the tenant. Also, with this, an itemized list is also issued with all the charges on them. The more details you provide for these charges, the less disputes you will face.

Therefore, instead of putting general cleaning, put them in the details of each one during the inspection. Move them in to the chart of description of charges.

Free Deposit Slip Templates

Here are previews and download links for these Deposit Slip Templates to assist you quickly.

Deposit Slip Template 01
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Deposit Slip Template 02
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Deposit Slip Template 03
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Deposit Slip Template 04
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Deposit Slip Template 05
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Deposit Slip Template 07
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Deposit Slip Template 08
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Deposit Slip Template 09
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Deposit Slip Template 10
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Deposit Slip Template 11
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Deposit Slip Template 12
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Deposit Slip Template 13
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Deposit Slip Template 14
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Deposit Slip Template 15
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Deposit Slip Template 16
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Deposit Slip Template 17
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Deposit Slip Template 18
Size: 60 KB

If the tenant still owe you money, then?

In this case, you have to send the itemized list to the tenant about the charges. Where the charges were applied? How much is the remaining balance? All these details are present in this document. Include with this the notice that the remaining balance will turn over to the collections. You have to pursue legally.

If the landlord does not pay you in time?

If the landlord does not pay you in time then there are certain legal clauses for this that were agreed upon at the time of agreement. The extra charges for late payment are present in the contract and this will be now the extra tenant balance. The collection company send collections a copy of application lease, or ledger. Most of them accept it via an email. The collection companies also have to report to the collection bureaus so that the next landlord runs the application in this way and does not get a bad tenant. This means that if you are not sure about yourself then you can hand it over to the tenant company all the record.


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