Foot Reflexology Charts

The human body is a set of many organs that work harmoniously with each other. The more you dig in, the more complex it gets. It’s amazing to see how each part of the body works so well with other parts and organs and medical sciences say that each organ is somehow connected. Even if you don’t see any connection between your life and hands, some nerves connect these two organs. Ancient science says that there are specific pressure points or zones on your hands and feet that connect directly to inner organs i.e. liver, heart, and stomach. It might seem fiction that touching a certain point on your feet will relax your heart muscles or it might aid in calming the stomach pain but modern research has shown some definite connection. Foot reflexology is a study of dividing the bottom part of your feet into different zones or pressure points that send stimuli or signals to various parts of the body.

A Brief Explanation of Foot Reflexology Chart:

As stated above; foot reflexology is the study of pinpoints on the bottom of the human feet that connect to the inner organs of the body and a foot reflexology chart shows it in real-time diagram. In such a chart, the bottom of the feet is divided into different sections and zones with the name of the organ that it connects to written on it. There are two types of foot reflexology charts; one that divides the feet into four sections i.e. pelvic, abdomen, head, and chest and then there is the chart that divides each of these sections into further smaller parts i.e. eyes, ears, liver, heart, stomach, uterus, and thyroid gland. In simple words, this diagram gives you the basic idea of how each portion of your feet is going to respond to various parts of the body.

Free Foot Reflexology Charts:

Foot Reflexology Chart – Complete Guide
Foot Reflexology Chart – Complete Guide
Foot Reflexology Chart – Customizable Format
Foot Reflexology Chart – Customizable Format

Uses and Importance of Foot Reflexology Chart:

When it comes to something like foot reflexology charts, most people consider it some cultural habits i.e. food massage but it’s completely different than that. In various cultures around the world, there are ancient methods of ailment without the use of modern medicine. Some of these work like a charm whereas some are just myths. For instance, the Chinese acupuncture technique is a well-known stress relief method that is appreciated around the world some people think putting several dozens of needles into your skin will calm you down and relax you but others don’t care about this method. Keep in mind that massaging or rubbing your feet is a different technique from touching a certain zone of the feet to send nerve signals to another part of the body.

The base of foot reflexology depends on the theory of Qi which is described as the flow of energy in a human body. This energy moves from one part of the body to another and it should be allowed to move freely without any blockage. When you have stress or depression or an injury, the flow of this energy is disrupted causing pain. As this chart shows each part of the feet is connected to other parts of the body, which means if you touch a certain portion of the feet, it will send signals to the connected organ clear the path for Qi, and remove any blockage along the way. The result is instant relaxation and a feeling of calmness that you will achieve.

Market Practices of Foot Reflexology Charts:

Energy Balance:

It is described above that the whole idea behind a foot reflexology chart is the free flow of energy or Qi around the body. For a human body to be healthy the flow of this energy should be free and there shouldn’t be any blockage along the path. When you put pressure on a certain portion of your feet, it sends energy signals to the corresponding organ of the body and helps clear any blockage. The right foot connects to the right side organs of the body i.e. right ear, right eyes, and right lung whereas the left foot connects to the left side organs of the body.

Improved Circulation:

When we dig deeper into this Qi theory, it shows that there might be some blood vessels or sets of nerves that connect each organ of the body to various portions of the feet. When you put pressure on a specific portion of the feet, it improves blood circulation to the connected part which ultimately helps get more blood to all the parts of the body and thus improves overall blood circulation in the body.

Instant Relaxation:

Studies have shown that when you apply the foot reflexology method, you feel instant calmness in your body and if you have pain in any inner organ i.e. stomach liver, or uterus, putting pressure on the connected portion of the feet might relax the muscles and give you the feeling that you get after a full body massage.

Release of Healthy Chemicals:

There is a chemical inside our body known as endorphin. This chemical is associated with relaxation and removing toxins from the body. There are modern medicines available that allow the body to release more endorphins to all pain and stress but with foot reflexology, the entire process is done naturally without the use of oral medicine.

Health Improvement:

With all the elements of the foot reflexology technique connecting i.e. release of endorphins, relaxation of the muscles, improved blood circulation, and free flow of Qi in the body, it all comes down to an improved immune system.