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The Likert Scale is psychological measuring scale used as questions in questionnaires to measure people’s attitudes, values and opinions with respondents specifying their degree of acceptance or disagreement with the given set of questions. People use it widely in survey research to understand human behavior. The name came after its inventor, Rensis Likert. He developed this system in 1932.

This scale is generally designed with specific questions targeted at the core of the researcher’s works and gives a degree or level of acceptance from the respondents. The respondents’ responses/choices are designed to be graded into five different levels.

Likert Scale Example

An example is listed below:

To investigate Americans views about Donald Trump leadership skills and inclination to lead the United State of America, a Likert Scale type of survey is developed as shown below.

Do you think Donald Trump could manage the UNSA’s complex foreign policies and improve on the achievement of the past government?

  1. Strongly agree
  2. Agree
  3. Unsure
  4. Disagree
  5. Strongly disagree

However, it is informative to note that the illustration above is an example of a Likert item, which is a collective analysis of a series of Likert items. In another words, a Likert item is a part of a complete survey research work and an item within the larger work which is known as a Likert Scale. So, a Likert Scale is the sum of the responses from several Likert items.

Using Likert Scale

The quality of results from a Likert Scale research can be affected by people’s personal views, bias towards an opinion, cultural values, beliefs and political affiliations towards the subject being investigated. However, the question can be designed in such a way that other parts come in balance to supposed sentiments from the respondents.

On several occasions, respondents have been noted to avoid extreme responses even when they want to avoid giving wrong responses to inquiries. To take care of this, the result can be graded by dividing the entire response into two fractions: Agree and Disagree. For each of the responses, the position of neutral responses, ‘Unsure’ will be decided based on the nature of the sentence and the perceived bias of the respondents as discovered from their  personal information. This underscored many professional views that Likert Scaling is a binary measuring system developed to determine if people’s responses are negative or positive to a set of investigations.

After the questionnaires are completed and the grading system clarified, each item may be analyzed individually or groups of Likert items summed up to draw sectional conclusions on different aspects of the survey research. To give a simple, one-glance evaluation of the results from a Likert Scale survey research, a researcher summarizes his/her discoveries into charts giving clear, detailed representations in a compact form. So, a Likert Scaling can help investigate a large audience, verify abstract ideas and give the result in a tangible, easy and compact way to enhance simplified analyses and explanations.

Given below are template examples of Likert scale that would prove to be helpful under different situations. You can download them for free:

Likert Scale Template 01
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Likert Scale Template 02
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